About Us

Welcome to Ossieandomi.com! My name is Ossie Bey-Loggins. I am a wife, a mom, a jewelry maker and the Owner of Ossie's Chic Boutique LLC just to name a few of the hats I wear.  Here at ossieandomi.com you will find handmade jewelry artfully, intentionally and lovingly crafted using natural Gemstones, clay beads, acrylic, glass beads, precious metals and any material that sparks inspiration. I've always loved crafting and working with my hands. Jewelry making allows me to do what I love. At the end of 2021 I decided to make a leap of faith and focus on my Jewelry business full-time. I quit my Job of 20yrs and became a small business owner full-time in February 2022. My jewelry creations are inspired by african culture, nature, positive affirmations, natural energy healing gemstones and my Mom. My mother is Omi and she is my biggest inspiration and my muse. Her love of dainty quality jewelry set the standard for my creations. My awesome Father and amazing Husband both encouraged me to not forget about the men and so the men's collection was born. For the Men's Collection the same thing applies quality handmade beaded gemstone jewelry. Every item is intentionally made with a purpose to evoke beauty, peace and love. The beauty is in the colors, shapes and design. The peace and love is in the energy healing gemstones and the words of affirmation. It's jewelry with a purpose. One Love❤️